I am an urban artist as well as abstract and contemporary artists. The use and manipulation of natural elements, tone, color and texture drive my work.

I began drawing and painting as a child in the late 1980s with colored pencils and artist paper. As time went by, I expanded my portfolio into the use of acrylic, soft pastels, water color, oil and other mixed media.

Because I believe strongly that art can, and should, capture life and how you live, I describe my art as “Artwork that matches your lifestyle.” This is what I strive to accomplish with my work.

Growing up I was fortunate to have excellent art teachers who taught me an appreciation of art history and some techniques that influence my work today. I pride myself on my unique ability to paint any subject matter from abstract to realism.

Acrylic has long been my favorite medium.

Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, I now live in the Southern California area. I work as an electrical engineer during the day but rush home from that job to paint. Creating beautiful paintings is not a hobby. It is my passion and what I was born to do. I feel my ability is a gift and a God given talent and I will be painting for the rest of my life.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not want to paint and I always had a natural ability to paint and draw.

I enjoy painting still life and portraits, as well as landscapes with acrylic, mixed media and pastels. I constantly stretch myself to the limits of my potential to reach my goal of being one of the greatest artists of my generation.

My online gallery allows me to display my beloved works of art for the world to see.

When not painting, which is rare, I enjoy basketball, travel, photography, chess and listening to music.

People who have collected my artwork tell me that they “love my work” or would “love to have a painting done for them.”